All About Lethbridge


Lethbridge is the third largest city in Alberta and enjoys warm summers and mild winters. Lethbridge is the commercial, financial and industrial center of southern Alberta and is home to a wide range of cultural venues as well as southern Alberta’s only university.  Lethbridge is the perfect blend of city and town and a great place to call home.

Here is a brief history of this unique town and how it has developed from a resource based town into a bustling mid-sized city home to a wide range of professionals and cultures.

The Early Years

By 1883 coal was being transported down the Oldman River to Medicine Hat in large quantities.  However, due to inconsistent water levels and shifting sandbars, rail quickly replaced barges as the main method of transporting coal.  This railway was largely instrumental in the economic success of the city and helped settle many immigrants throughout southern Alberta. 

In 1891, the Lieutenant Governor of the North West Territories signed the official proclamation declaring Lethbridge a town. Lethbridge’s first council was held on February 3 of 1891 and Charles Alexander Magrath was the first mayor.

One of the main features of Lethbridge to this day, the High Level Bridge, was constructed during this period.  At this time, it was the longest and highest bridge in the world, and a monumental task of engineering. 

The bridge is 307 feet high and spans 5,516 feet across the river valley.  It took over 3 years to complete and was constructed out of steel to prevent future repair work. The first train crossed the bridge on June 23, 1909 and it continues to be used today. 

With an ever growing population and the arrival of new immigrants, agriculture quickly became another viable source of economic activity, and by the 1900’s it had replaced coal as the dominant form of employment.

Lethbridge Incorporated

In May of 1906, Lethbridge was incorporated as a city with a population of 2,500 and a well-established downtown and commercial area.  Rapid growth of the city continued after World War 2 with the development of infrastructure east, north and south of the downtown core.  In 1967, the University of Lethbridge opened its doors, attracting students and professionals to the city.  The newly developed university on the west side of Lethbridge spurred new development and residential neighbourhoods.  West Lethbridge became the fastest growing area in the city housing over one third of our population.    

Lethbridge today

Today, Lethbridge boasts over 101,000 people and spans over 122 sq. km.  The city is home to a chain of parks and extensive green space.  Lethbridge has a great selection of cultural venues as well as a number of tourist attractions. 

The city’s rich history is still alive and well in this charming southern Alberta town.  If you would like to see why so many people have chosen Lethbridge as their home or to see some of the very reasonably priced real estate that abound in the city, please contact me today.  I would love to show you why Lethbridge is such a special place. Call my Direct Line or text me at 403-308-6613.  I’m Clark Paul.


Lethbridge is the fifth fastest growing city in Canada and for a number of reasons.  It has a diverse and dynamic population coupled with affordable housing, and a friendly, welcoming community.  And there are a wide choice of economic opportunities.  Here is a look at the demographics of Lethbridge and why they make Lethbridge a great place to live. 


The current population of Lethbridge is just over 101,000.  Between 2011 and 2016 it grew at a rate of 10.8% per year.  And it has grown at a rate of 2% every year since then. This steady growth has been excellent for the business community, as well as city planning and infrastructure development. 

Currently, many of the upgrades and developments in Lethbridge can be seen on the up and coming west side of the city.  These planned neighborhoods are attracting young families which make up the majority of the growth of the city.    

Age Distribution

The age distribution of Lethbridge breaks down like this:

  • 14 and under – 18.2%
  • 15 to 64 – 67.4%
  • 65 and over – 14.4%

These numbers show that the overwhelming amount of Lethbridge’s population is under the age of 65.  This should come as no surprise as more than a quarter of the adult population is under the age of 34.  The city is brimming with a youthful spirit and energy. 

The University of Lethbridge is one of the reasons that a large majority of the population is under 34, but the other population that makes up these numbers is young families.  Lethbridge is such an attractive city for young families because of the diverse economic opportunities that abound in the city as well as excellent city development and affordable housing. 

Lethbridge’s post-secondary opportunities gives employers access to a wide range of educated potential employees. The wide range of diverse economic opportunities give these graduates the ability to settle and live in Lethbridge.  It is no wonder that Lethbridge has the lowest unemployment rate in the province of Alberta at 5.9%. 

Lethbridge is split into 3 major geographical areas – North, South and West.  Here is a brief description of each of these areas and their boundaries.

West Lethbridge

West Lethbridge is separated by the Oldman River and is the newest of the three areas.  This is where the bulk of the new neighbourhood developments and most of the new schools are being built.  West Lethbridge is also the home of the University of Lethbridge.  This area contains the youngest population in the city and is an attractive location for families. 

South Lethbridge

South Lethbridge is the commercial heart of the city and is the oldest part of the city.  This area contains the downtown core as well as the bulk of the city’s retail and hospitality services.  Lethbridge College and the ENMAX Centre are located in South Lethbridge.  The ENMAX Centre is home of the Lethbridge Hurricanes, our major junior ice hockey team, in the Eastern Conference of the Western Hockey League. 

North Lethbridge

North Lethbridge was originally populated by of a number of coal mines located in the area.  Today, North Lethbridge is home to many of the city’s industrial parks.  North and South Lethbridge are separated by the Crowsnest Highway and the CPR rail line. 


The majority of homes in Lethbridge (68.3%) are stand-alone singe dwelling structures.  26.1% of these homes are comprised of families with children under the age of 24.  There has been significant growth in both of these demographics with single dwelling homes growing 11.4% in 5 years and young families growing by 6.1% over the same time.

13% of Lethbridge’s housing is apartments, which gives Lethbridge a nice balance of housing choice in the city’s 40 neighbourhoods.   


The three most spoken languages in Lethbridge in order are:

  • English – 84.4%
  • German – 4.3%
  • Dutch – 2.1%

There is also a diverse population of First Nations as the city is situated on the traditional Blackfoot territory. Lethbridge is bordered by the Blood Reserve – the largest in Canada. As a result, attractive First Nation culture and heritage can be seen throughout the city.

Lethbridge is also home to an ever growing immigrant population.  This group has grown over 13% in the past 5 years and is an integral part of the city’s economy.  I find that immigrants are especially good workers.  They are very motivated to succeed and contribute to their new country.

And we have compassion. Lethbridge has also welcomed a wide number of refugees and is home to a large population of Bhutanese refugees as well as hundreds of Syrian refugees.  This diverse refugee and immigrant population brings a wonderful multicultural aspect to this welcoming city. 

Lethbridge – One of the Fastest Growing Cities in Western Canada

One look at the newly developed and well-planned neighbourhoods of West Lethbridge, as well as the new community centers and schools in the city shows where the city’s focus for growth is directed.  Lethbridge’s future looks bright and the city will continue to enjoy steady growth and be viewed as a delightful place to live and raise a family.

I have lived in Lethbridge for 45 years and enjoy all the great aspects of the city.  I have been involved in real estate for a number of years and have been recognized as a top 10 real estate agent by REMAX.  This means I’m very successful at helping both buyers and sellers get what they want.

I would love to show you some of the exciting, affordable properties that Lethbridge has to offer and why Lethbridge is a great place to live.  I look forward to speaking with you soon.  

Local Government

Lethbridge is one of the fastest growing cities in Western Canada.  This gem of a city offers a wide range of affordable housing and economic opportunities, even for families looking for a more laid back, slower paced lifestyle than bigger centres have to offer.  Although Lethbridge is growing at a very good pace, the city has done a great job at implementing green spaces and recreational centres, while keeping its historic roots and culture. 

Here is an overview of the role the city government plays in Lethbridge and what you can expect if you choose to make my city your home.

City of Lethbridge

City Council

Lethbridge’s city council is comprised of a 9 member council, headed by the mayor.  Similar to most Canadian cities the council is elected to a 4 year term.  Lethbridge’s city council is responsible for passing and implementing the city bylaws, collecting property tax, and the approval and overall direction of spending for city projects.

The Vision and Mission Statement of Lethbridge’s city council is:

“Work together to ensure that Lethbridge demonstrates active leadership in environmental stewardship and innovation, and is recognized as being a safe, healthy, vibrant, prosperous, economically viable place where all people can fully participate in community life.”


The city of Lethbridge provides a wide range of services that fall under the category of utilities.  These services include water distribution, electric, garbage collection, recycling programs as well as sewer and solid waste services. Each home in Lethbridge is offered various services and options on how they can pay and manage their utility account. 

Garbage Collection, Recycling and Composting

Lethbridge strives to reduce waste disposal by offering a wide range of strategies and services to its residents and small businesses.  The city is in collaboration with Environment Lethbridge to build awareness in its recycling, waste reduction, and management services.

Part of this program is the Curbside Recycling Service that diverts many household products away from landfills and into one of three recycling plants in the city.  A compostable feature to this program is currently being debated by city council, which could be added in 2019.    


Electricity and natural gas products and services are competitive in Alberta.  You are free to choose what company you want to provide your electrical needs. The City of Lethbridge offers rates to small businesses as well as residents as an alternative to the electricity retailers in the area.  The city is currently upgrading its electrical equipment to become even more competitive and to integrate renewable energy sources into its grid. 

All of Lethbridge’s city structures, including community halls, sports and leisure centres are as energy efficient as possible with the aim of reducing the city’s carbon footprint and lowering overall costs.  

Water, Sewer and Solid Waste

The City of Lethbridge gets its water from the Oldman River, which is treated into safe, clean drinking water.  The Lethbridge water treatment plant handles an average of 53 million litres of high quality drinking water a day.  Residential homes and businesses are charged for water usage as part of their utility bill.

Lethbridge’s sewer and storm water is collected and treated in one of 26 different water management facilities.  These facilities process and treat over 80 million litres of waste water per day. The treated water is then discharged back into the Oldman River.  These services are also part of your overall Lethbridge utility bill.     

Property Taxes

Lethbridge’s property taxes are broken into three different areas.  One is the municipal portion which is about 76% – this is the portion of your property tax set by city council.  In addition to the municipal portion, your property taxes also include a provincial education portion which is an educational tax – 23% of your total tax bill.  Finally, a Green Acres portion (1%) to help pay for senior citizen housing management.  Lethbridge’s property taxes are due on June 29 of each year.      

The tax installment pre-payment plan allows you to spread your property tax payments out over a number of months instead of paying one lump sum in June. 

Property taxes pay for the following essential services:

  • Police, firefighting and emergency rescue.
  • Recreation and community centres, libraries, parks and other corporate services.
  • Infrastructure such as streets and roads.
  • Programs to build stronger communities.

Hospitals and Clinics

Lethbridge’s local hospital, Chinook Regional Hospital is part of Alberta Health Services, or ABH.  ABH is Canada’s first and largest province-wide, fully integrated health service.  Chinook Regional Hospital provides a wide range of healthcare services and includes a 24/7 Emergency Ward.  The Jack Ady Cancer Centre is also located within the Chinook Regional Hospital.  This centre provides chemotherapy treatment as well as outpatient care for the City of Lethbridge and surrounding areas.  

Emergency Numbers

Some important contact numbers to know for Lethbridge are:

  • 911 - Emergency
  • 811 – 24 Emergency Health Advice
  • 403-328-4444 – Police (non-emergency) 

Lethbridge – Services and Vision

Lethbridge’s municipal government continues to provide its residents with excellent services while developing and growing the city’s economic and residential opportunities.  These services as well as the overall vision and future growth plans of the city are more reasons why Lethbridge continues to be one of Alberta’s most enviable and sought after places to live.

I have lived in Lethbridge for 45 years and enjoy many of the great aspects the city has to offer.  I have been involved in real estate for many years and have been recognized as a top 10 real estate agent by REMAX.  This means I can help you find the home for you.

I would love to show you some of the exciting, affordable properties that Lethbridge has to offer and to show you why Lethbridge is a great place to live.  I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Schools in Lethbridge

Lethbridge is a wonderful place to raise a family. Every parent wants their children to have a good education.  Lethbridge is home to some of Alberta’s best schools as well as a world-renowned university. Here is a brief overview of some of the school choices that await you in Lethbridge.

School District #51

School District #51 is Lethbridge’s public school district with over 11,000 students.  It offers a wide selection of programs to meet the needs of our diverse population. The Lethbridge district 51 is comprised of 24 schools that offer curriculum for kindergarten to Grade 12. For more information please see

We also have a number of Catholic Schools please see

The breakdown of the school’s grade structures are as follows:

  • Elementary - Kindergarten to Grade 5
  • Middle School – Grade 6 to Grade 8.
  • High School – Grade 9 to Grade 12.

The Vision of the Lethbridge School Board is to create innovative thinkers and learners who are successful, confident, respectful and caring. 

The Board’s Mission Statement is:

“Lethbridge School District #51 is inclusive, forward thinking and accountable for engaging students in quality learning experiences that develop strong foundations, innovative minds and responsible citizens.”

West Lethbridge is home to four elementary schools, one middle school and two high schools.  The four elementary schools offer a host of different programs, which include a Spanish bilingual program, French immersion, and a violin program. 

The middle school in West Lethbridge, G.S. Lakie, offers a wide variety of excellent courses and extra-curricular activities for its students.  It prides itself on its partnership with the community of West Lethbridge. 

The high schools in West Lethbridge are Central High (Catholic) and Chinook High.  Chinook High is the newest and largest school in the district.  It is home to approximately 1,000 students and offers a wide selection of course choices.  The most notable are the CTS (Career and Technology Studies) programs. 

These programs are centered around five clusters in 28 occupational areas.  The goal is to link school curriculum to both workplace needs and the ever-changing technology in industry.  The five clusters are:

  • Business, Administration, Finance and Information Technology (BIT).
  • Media, Design and Communication Art (MDC).
  • Health, Recreation and Human Services (HRH).
  • Trades, Manufacturing and Transportation (TMT).
  • Natural Resources (NAT).

Private Schools

In addition to the public school sector, Lethbridge is also home to a number of private schools.  Many of the private schools are affiliated with Separate Regional Division 4.

There are two private elementary schools in West Lethbridge as well as one middle school. There are also other private schools located throughout the city of Lethbridge. 

Lethbridge College

Lethbridge College offers more than 50 different career training programs, applied degrees and apprenticeships.  Many of these programs are nationally recognized and accredited. 

Lethbridge Research Centre

The Lethbridge Research and Development Centre was established in 1906, It is one of the largest agricultural research centres in Canada.  It conducts ongoing research around a wide range of agricultural related studies, including:

  • Dairy, pork, poultry and other livestock.
  • Cereals.
  • Horticulture.
  • Oils.

The Lethbridge Research Centre works with a host of schools in the community to further the understanding and how to apply new technologies to the agricultural that is an integral part of the Lethbridge economy, its history and culture. 

University of Lethbridge

The University of Lethbridge is home to over 8,500 students and is one of Canada’s top-ranked universities and research institutions.  The university offers over 150 undergraduate degrees as well as 60 graduate programs in 7 Faculties and Schools. 

The University of Lethbridge campus overlooks the Oldman River.  The University first opened its doors in 1967 and since then has become one of the leading research-intensive post-secondary schools in the country.

The University of Lethbridge continues to be one of the top five ranked Canadian Universities by the annual Maclean’s Magazine University Rankings.  It gets especially high rankings for its undergraduate programs, and is ranked first in the percentage of its operating budget devoted to student services. 

This wide selection of schools as well as the post-secondary education choices add another interesting dimension to this enviable southern Alberta city.

Lethbridge is also one of the least expensive cities to buy real estate in Western Canada.  This affordability coupled with great schools and a welcoming small-town atmosphere make it a wonderful place to call home.   

I have lived in Lethbridge for 45 years and enjoy many of the great aspects of the city.  I have been involved in real estate for a number of years, and have been recognized as a top 10 real estate agent by REMAX, the largest selling real estate company in the world. 

I would love to show you some of the exciting, affordable properties that Lethbridge has to offer, and explain why I love living here.  I look forward to speaking with you soon.  

Local Services in Lethbridge

If you are looking for the perfect sized city with four distinct seasons and just the right mix of big city amenities, then Lethbridge is for you.  Lethbridge is one of the most affordable cities in all of Western Canada and is home to many new developments and neighbourhoods – especially in West Lethbridge. 

Although the city is home to a bustling downtown core you’ll never be bogged down in rush hour traffic.  We leave that for larger centres that haven’t been planned or laid out as well.  Lethbridge city management is well-known for being “business friendly”.

Here are some of the local businesses and services that are an integral part of the City of Lethbridge:

Contractors, Plumbers and Electricians

1.  Integrity Contracting Ltd.

Integrity Contracting is a licensed construction company that has been serving Lethbridge and the surrounding area for over a decade.  In addition to renovation and remodeling projects, they manage all aspects of the process including permits and final inspections.

Integrity Contracting strives to deliver breathtaking results while offering exceptional value for your investment.  Some of the services they provide include:

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations
  • Basement Development
  • Egress Windows
  • Second Suite Construction, Renovation and Remodeling

2.  Lethbridge Electric

With almost 20 years of reliable service in the Lethbridge community, Lethbridge Electric has gained a reputation of being one of the best electrical companies in the city.  They offer fast and prompt residential and commercial electrical service, are upfront about pricing, and guarantee their work. 

Lethbridge electrical offers 24-hour emergency service and are proud to be recognized as a ThreeBest Rated business in 2018.  Lethbridge Electric prides itself on these services:

  • Residential and Commercial Electrical Services
  • Service Calls
  • Garage and Basement Wiring
  • Rewiring Outdated Electrical for Both Home and Business 

3.   Neudorf Plumbing

Neudorf Plumbing is a third-generation family run plumbing company that has proudly served Lethbridge and surrounding areas since 1962.  They provide both residential and commercial services which include:

  • Plumbing
  • Gas Fitting
  • Inspections and Service Work for Homes and Businesses
  • Sewer Cleaning

The next time you need any plumbing service, remember Neudorf Plumbing.

Health Services

4.  Bigelow Fowler Medical Clinics

Bigelow Fowler Medical Clinics have been providing Lethbridge and surrounding areas with full service primary health care for over 80 years.  Their three health clinics are staffed with 24 doctors who offer friendly, professional family health care for all ages.  Bigelow Fowler Medical Clinics provide a wide range of healthcare services which include:

  • Occupational Health Services
  • Sports Medicine and Physical Examinations
  • X-Ray and Lab Services

For your added convenience, pharmacies are located within walking distance of all three locations. The next time you are in need of healthcare or medical services, Bigelow Fowler Medical Clinics have you covered.

5.  Hall Dental Centre

Hall Dental Centre offers a comprehensive range of dental services in Lethbridge for you and your family.  At Hall Dental, you can always expect a warm welcome and personalized dental care that are sure to meet all of your oral health needs.  Their services include: 

  • General Dentistry
  • Children’s Services
  • Sedation Dentistry
  • Oral Surgery Procedures

Cleaning Services

6.  Dynamic Maid

Dynamic Maid has been keeping Lethbridge homes and businesses clean since 2008.  Whether it is your home, vacation property, office or commercial space, Dynamic Maid is a great choice.  Their level of cleanliness is showroom shine.  They guarantee full satisfaction on all their jobs.  The next time you need your space cleaned, think Dynamic Maid.

7.  Advanced Carpet and Upholstery Care

Advanced Carpet and Upholstery Care has over 20 years of experience in both residential and commercial cleaning in Lethbridge and surrounding areas.  They not only knows how to keep your carpets clean they will also help you understand proper carpet maintenance and care.  Their services include:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Fiber and Fabric Protection

Taxi Services

8.  Fifth Avenue Cabs

Fifth Avenue cabs has been serving Lethbridge for over 20 years.  They offer both short and long distance cab services and provide special rates for seniors and students.  They offer a wide range of cab choices, including six passenger vans, to meet all of your transportation needs. For added convenience they offer an advanced booking option.  

A Complete Range of Services – Another Reason to live in Lethbridge

This is a very short list of the local services that abound in the city of Lethbridge.  All these businesses are an integral part of the community and provide excellent customer service and satisfaction.  If you are thinking about settling in Lethbridge, remember that the city offers far more than just affordable housing. Lethbridge is home to a wide range of services, as well as diverse businesses and economic opportunities.

I have lived in Lethbridge for 45 years and enjoy many of the great aspects the city has to offer.  I have been involved in real estate for many years and have been recognized as a top 10 real estate agent by REMAX, the largest and most successful real estate agency in the world.  I would love to show you some of the exciting, affordable properties that Lethbridge has to offer and why Lethbridge is such a special place.  I look forward to working with you soon.  

Public Transportation in Lethbridge

One of the most affordable and livable cities in Western Canada, Lethbridge offers all of the amenities of a modern city, yet still maintains its small-town charm.  Part of the allure of the city is its excellent public transportation system.  Here is a brief overview of the public transit options.

Lethbridge Transit

Lethbridge Transit is a municipal service that has provided public transit to the city since 1912.  Back then Lethbridge Transit consisted of only 3 street cars.  Today, Lethbridge Transit operates buses, and provides three main services with an annual ridership of over a million:

  • Fixed Route Transit
  • Access-A-Ride
  • School bus service

Lethbridge Transit is committed to providing a safe and effective public transportation system that allows the community access to economic, social, educational and leisure opportunities. 

Fixed Route Transit

Currently, Lethbridge Transit offers 42 fixed route, conventional transit buses that operate on diesel or are diesel hybrids.  These buses provide service for 11 routes that connect north, south, east and west Lethbridge as well as the University of Lethbridge. 

Six of Lethbridge Transit’s bus routes service West Lethbridge with two of them offering connections to downtown as well as both north and south Lethbridge.  All West Lethbridge’s bus routes converge at a transit terminal located at the University of Lethbridge.

There are already plans in place to widen some of the major arteries that service and connect West Lethbridge as well as a growing number of developments in the works for a West Lethbridge downtown core.  There will be new neighbourhoods as well as new business opportunities.  As West Lethbridge continues to grow and develop, so too will the transit routes and services provided by Lethbridge Transit. 

Some other facts about Lethbridge Transit and its fixed route transit include:

  • All of our buses are equipped with bike racks.
  • Lethbridge Transit uses an electronic fare card, the “Breeze Card” which offers both a reloadable and non-reloadable option.
  • Six of Lethbridge Transits’ buses are equipped with the new QUANTUM wheelchair securement station.  QUANTUM enables scooters and wheelchair passengers to secure themselves with just a press of a button.


Access-A-Ride is a City of Lethbridge service provided for people who are unable to use the fixed route transit option.  All booking and scheduling decisions made through Access-A-Ride are made to accommodate as many different riders as possible. All Access-A-Ride service is “door to door”. 

This service has been operating in Lethbridge since 1975 and currently provides service for over 1,500 Lethbridge residents.  For more information about the Access-A-Ride, how to qualify and how to book a bus, please contact the City of Lethbridge.   

School Buses

Lethbridge Transit operates the yellow school buses that service the Lethbridge Public School District #51 as well as the Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Separate Regional School Division #4.  Please contact the Separate School District #4 for more information about how a student qualifies for bus service and the specific routes and schedules.

Lethbridge Airport

Another advantage of living in Lethbridge is that the Airport is a 15 minute drive from the downtown core.  It has regularly scheduled service for both Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta’s two major markets.  The Calgary Airport serves as the major Albertan hub for all international destinations, while Edmonton provides connections to Fort McMurray.  The Lethbridge Airport is also home to the annual Lethbridge International Airshow in October.

The Coal Banks Trail Network

The Coal Banks Trail Network is a 2.4 meter wide regional pathway that links many of the facilities and parks throughout the City of Lethbridge.  The system provides over 30 km of uninterrupted trail that runs from West Lethbridge through the Oldman River Valley and Henderson Park and finally ends at Pravan Park.  Click here to see a map.

The Coal Banks Trail Network is a great way to commute to various spots in the city and is accessed by a wide range of users that include:

  • Cyclists
  • Walkers, joggers and families.
  • The trail system is wheelchair friendly.

The excellent Lethbridge public transportation system offers residents the opportunity to conveniently commute in and around the city.  Lethbridge Transit has successfully linked north, south, east and west Lethbridge and will continue to grow its routes as more development and growth is forecasted for the city.  Lethbridge Transit and its services compliment the livability and opportunity that abounds in the city very well.

I have lived in Lethbridge for 45 years and enjoy all the great aspects the city has to offer. I have been involved in real estate for many years and have been recognized as a top 10 real estate agent by REMAX.  I would love to show you some of the exciting, affordable properties that Lethbridge has to offer and to why Lethbridge is a special place.  I look forward to meeting you soon.  

Shopping in Lethbridge

When people ask me what I love most about living in Lethbridge, one of the first things that comes to mind is the excellent selection of shopping opportunities.  At the same time, you can drive from one end of Lethbridge to the other without encountering a single traffic jam, even on a weekday afternoon. 

 Here is a brief list of some of the excellent shopping opportunities in the city.

Centre Village Mall

Centre Village Mall is a new addition to north Lethbridge.  It contains 15 independent stores, as well as:

  • Canadian Tire
  • London Drugs
  • Save-On-Foods

Centre Village Mall is the only enclosed shopping mall in the area and offers a comfortable shopping  experience any time of the year. 

Lethbridge Centre

Lethbridge Centre is located in the heart of downtown Lethbridge.  The centre is an enclosed two storey building with an adjoining office tower.  It has been a Lethbridge landmark for over 35 years and provides the city with a wide range of stores and services. Lethbridge Centre contains a department store, banks, and professional and health services. 

Park Place

Park Place is Lethbridge’s premier shopping mall with over 100 retailers and services.  Many of the quality brand names that you have come to know and love are located in this bright and open shopping centre.  In addition to brand name and designer stores, Park Place is anchored by some of the larger box stores including:

  • Old Navy
  • Sport Chek
  • Staples
  • Winners

West Lethbridge Town Centre

West Lethbridge Town Centre is a retail plaza comprised of six buildings home to 23 stores.  This shopping mall has been serving the surrounding neighbourhoods since 1998. West Lethbridge Town Centre contains a Safeway and a Home Hardware as well as a number of smaller independent stores and fast food restaurants.  It’s a very convenient place to shop.

West Village Mall

West Village Mall is also located in West Lethbridge, and provides residents with a variety of services.  The mall contains a wide variety of fast food restaurants as well as a pet store, a drug store and a convenience store.  

Downtown Lethbridge

Downtown Lethbridge offers a wide range of services and boutique shopping opportunities.  The downtown core provides shoppers with a number of unique activities and events.  One of the more popular events is First Fridays.

First Fridays is a monthly festival showcasing community events that will be taking place in Downtown Lethbridge over the course of that month.  In addition, First Fridays also features sales at your favourite downtown restaurants and shops.

Some of the shopping opportunities in Downtown Lethbridge include:

  • A wide selection of boutique and designer clothing stores.
  • Florists and jewelry stores.
  • Outdoor and sporting goods stores.
  • Hobby and specialty stores such as comics and games.

Downtown Lethbridge also teems with services.  Some of the more popular ones include:

  • Hair Salons, health and beauty Spas.
  • Banks and financial services.
  • Dental and health services.
  • Business consultation and law services.

With this wide selection of stores and services there is something for everyone in Downtown Lethbridge. 

Lethbridge – Shop till You Drop

A quick look at this list of malls, plazas and town centres shows the wide variety of shopping opportunities in Lethbridge.  If you are looking for a welcoming community with a small-town feel, but with big city services and opportunity, then look no further than Lethbridge.  We’re one of the fastest growing cities in Western Canada.   

I have lived in Lethbridge for 45 years and enjoy many of the great features the city has to offer.  I have been involved in real estate for many years and have been recognized as a top 10 real estate agent by REMAX.  This is your assurance I’ve been very successful at helping home buyers just like you find the home they’re looking for.

I would love to show you some of the exciting, affordable properties Lethbridge has to offer.  I look forward to speaking with you soon. 

Nightlife in Lethbridge

The nightlife and entertainment in Lethbridge is an eclectic mix of venues that range from casual sports pubs and bistros to sleek wine bars and dance clubs.  Regardless of what your definition of a perfect night on the town, Lethbridge’s wide selection of evening entertainment has you covered.  Here is a brief list of some of the excellent nightlife opportunities that abound in Lethbridge.

Sports and Gastro Pubs

Telegraph Tap House

Telegraph Tap House is Lethbridge’s first and original craft beer house.  It’s been in operation since 2012.  They rotate over 300 different beers and have 32 taps.  Telegraph Tap House offers a gourmet menu and employs Red Seal chefs to ensure they are the best gastropub in the city.  They offer outdoor seating, are kid-friendly and take reservations. 

Average Joe’s Sports Bar

Average Joe’s Sports Bar is a fixture in downtown Lethbridge.  Since 2000 this excellent bar has brought the big games to the city with its cozy, inviting atmosphere and friendly staff.  Average Joe’s offers a wide selection of beers on tap as well as signature cocktails and over thirty varieties of chicken wings.  With eight satellite feeds there is always a big game on.  For intermissions or those looking for something different, Average Joe’s offers:

  • Billiards and darts.
  • Foosball and air hockey.
  • Video games and pinball.

Average Joe’s also has a special backroom called Joe’s Garage.  Joe’s Garage hosts regular karaoke events as well as comedy routines and Salsa dancing.  Joe’s Garage is the venue for many big name concerts as well. 

Dance and Nightclubs

Studio Nightclub

Studio Nightclub is Lethbridge’s longest running nightclub and plays the best selection of dance, top 40 and hip hop to keep you dancing all night long.  In addition to the perfect blend of music, Studio Nightclub has the lowest drink prices in town.  It’s also host to some of the hottest concerts in Lethbridge.  The club features:

  • Bar and Lounge seating.
  • High-Definition TV’s.
  • Billiards and Video Games.

Owl Acoustic Lounge

The Owl Acoustic Lounge is Lethbridge’s most eclectic night spot – no two nights are the same.  The Owl Acoustic Lounge is a restaurant, a music venue, a lounge and bar, as well as an art house and gallery.  They host stand-up comedy acts, trivia nights as well as a plethora of other events and themed nights. 

Family Entertainment

Lethbridge Hurricanes

The Lethbridge Hurricanes compete in the Western Hockey League (WHL) and have been a part of our community for 30 years.  They play all their home games at the ENMAX Centre, which offers a wide variety of ticket choices affordable for the whole family. 

The Movie Mill

The Movie Mill is a great way to watch a first rate movie at a fraction of the price and recently undergone renovations to the viewing areas.

Galaxy Cinemas Lethbridge

Galaxy Cinemas is Lethbridge’s Cineplex theatre.  It shows the biggest Hollywood blockbusters as well as other venues such as opera and ballet.  Galaxy Cinema’s offers state-of-the art visual experiences such as 3-D, IMAX and 4DX.

Galaxy Bowling and Pizza

Galaxy Bowling and Pizza offers family fun 10 pin bowling.  They have twelve lanes and a Pizza Hut Express in case you work up an appetite while bowling.  Galaxy Bowling also has a licensed lounge and offers cosmic bowling, kid’s birthday parties and monthly specials. 

Lethbridge – A southern Alberta nightlife hotspot

This is just a small sampling of the many unique evening entertainment options in Lethbridge.  With an ever growing population and a business friendly outlook, this list will continue to grow.  The affordability of Lethbridge coupled with its cosmopolitan mix of dining and entertainment choices makes the city an excellent choice.  

I have lived in Lethbridge for 45 years and enjoy many of the wonderful features the city has to offer.  I have been involved in real estate for many years and have been recognized as a top 10 real estate agent by REMAX.  This is your assurance I’m an experienced professional skilled at ensuring you find the Lethbridge home that will make you happy.

I would love to show you some of the exciting, affordable properties that West Lethbridge has to offer, and show you why it’s a great place to raise a family.  I look forward to speaking with you soon.  

Restaurants In Lethbridge

One of the most enjoyable aspects of living in Lethbridge is its many amazing restaurants.  The city has a great selection of restaurants that range from “fine dining” to great “take-out” and “ethnic” specialties.  Imagine going out for a great dinner without the traffic, safety concerns, other big city distractions and stressors.  Here is a review of some of my favourite places to eat in the city.

Fine Dining


Plum is an intimate farm-to-fork eatery with an ever changing Canadian menu.  Many of the ingredients are locally sourced, offering the freshest quality fixings found anywhere.  Plum presents a full bar with unique cocktails as well as frequent live music.  Every week the eatery offers exciting new flavor profiles put together by its Red Seal chefs.  If you are looking for a romantic night out or just an excellent meal, Plum will satisfy your palette.

Miro’s Bistro

Miro’s is located in the heart of Lethbridge.  It has been serving up some of the finest foods in the city since 2003.  Miro’s Bistro is owned and operated by Czechoslovakian chef Miro Kyjac whose philosophy is that simplicity is the hallmark of perfection.  This can be seen in all of the dishes served in Miro’s.  Come check out the menu and enjoy your favourite taste with an European influence.  

Casual Dining

Firestone Restaurant and Bar

Firestone Restaurant and Bar offers a polished, casual dining experience and features acclaimed cuisine, which includes steaks, rotisserie chicken and seafood.  The restaurant is home to a signature “rum bar” with an extensive list of premium rums which are used to create their signature rum cocktails.  The next time you are looking for the ideal setting for a tasteful and effortless night out, you’ll enjoy the Firestone Restaurant and Bar.

Mocha Cabana

Mocha Cabana is located in one of Lethbridge’s Municipal Historic Resource buildings which adds flair to this Lethbridge favourite.  Mocha Cabana partners with independent farmers and producers in and around Lethbridge to provide you an unforgettable culinary experience.  The next time you are looking for a fresh meal with a historical flair, think about Mocha Cabana.

Pubs and Cafes

Esquires Coffee

Esquires Coffee, located in the heart of Lethbridge is my favourite place to enjoy a great cup of coffee and take in all of the sights and sounds of the city.  This café is a local favourite and is always serving up a host of warm drinks while offering a wide selection of fresh pastries, cakes and other treats.  Stop in and see why Esquires is my personal “go to” coffee shop.

Honkers Pub and Eatery

Honkers is an independently owned and operated pub and has been a local favourite for 20 years.  It offers an unbeatable breakfast menu as well as daily drink and food specials.  Honkers donates to numerous local fundraisers and charities, which make it very much a part of the Lethbridge community.  Whenever possible, Honkers uses local ingredients and supports local businesses and farmers.  The next time you are looking for somewhere to catch the big game or just a fun night out, you can’t go wrong at Honkers.  


O-Sho Japanese Restaurant

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, O-Sho’s can’t be beat.  O-Sho’s Japanese Restaurant serves up fresh, quality food with great service. It has a great selection of sushi, sashimi, as well as tempura and has a sushi bar as well as private Tatami rooms.  O-Sho’s offers daily lunch specials and has an extensive sake and soju menu.  Enjoy great Japanese food at my favourite Lethbridge restaurant.   


Luigi’s Pizza and Steakhouse

This family owned and operated pizza and steakhouse has been in business since 1974 so you know it’s got to be good.  Of course it’s a local favourite.  Luigi’s offers juicy steaks, gourmet pizzas and tantalizing pastas.  In addition to these classic favourites Luigi’s has takeout, a private dining room and citywide delivery.  Where else but in Lethbridge can you get city-wide delivery?  Try Luigi’s today and see why it is a local favourite.

Two Guys and a Pizza

Since its inception in 2002, Two Guys and a Pizza has quickly established a reputation of being the best pizza in town.  This eatery has won numerous awards, including Chef of the Year, Canada’s best pizza as well as a top 5 finish in an International Pizza Challenge in Las Vegas.  In addition to its restaurant location, Two Guys and a Pizza offers takeout and a food truck that can be found at various locations throughout the city.  All of the ingredients are fresh and locally sourced whenever possible.  The dough is made fresh daily and the restaurant offers an impressive wine and craft beer selection. 

This is just a small sampling of Lethbridge’s excellent restaurant selection.  The affordability and lifestyle available in Lethbridge makes it an undiscovered gem.  If you love dining out yet still want that small town, welcoming community feel, Lethbridge is for you.

I have lived in Lethbridge for 45 years and enjoy many of the great aspects the city has to offer.  I have been involved in real estate for many years and have been recognized as a top 10 real estate agent by REMAX.  I would love to show you some of the exciting, affordable properties that Lethbridge has to offer and to show you why Lethbridge is such a special place.  I look forward to working with you soon.  

Parks & Recreation in Lethbridge

The wide range of green space and parks in Lethbridge make it a very desirable place to call home.  With four distinct seasons, these spaces can be enjoyed year-round.  Lethbridge is also close to the Canadian Rockies as well as a wide selection of lakes and other recreational hotspots.

Indian Battle Park

Indian Battle Park is a 5 km park located in the Oldman River valley.  The park is home to a wide range of trails, several picnic areas as well as the Fort Whoop-Up Interpretive Centre.  The Interpretive Centre includes a replica fort and offers seasonal activities for all ages.  The park is also home to key historical attractions such as the Medicine Stone.  

Pavan Park

Pavan Park is a 125 hectare park that offers 10 km of paved and shale trails that are perfect for running, horseback riding or just getting out and taking a stroll through this diverse river ecosystem. 

The John Martin Picnic site offers covered eating areas, public washrooms and large outdoor cooking grills.  While enjoying your picnic you will be able to enjoy a playground, volleyball nets and horseshoe pits. 

The Jeanne Sauve picnic area is also located in Pavan Park and offers an open picnic area with tables, a washroom and a playground.   

Pavan Park is home to the Southern Alberta Equestrian Council, which houses a riding arena and other related amenities.  Pavan Park is the only park in Lethbridge that allows horseback riding. 

Popson Park

Popson Park is located on the west side of Lethbridge and is a combination of flat land along the Oldman River and coulees.  The river provides fishing and boating opportunities and there is a picnic shelter located in the park.  Popson Park is also the only off-leash dog park on the west side of Lethbridge.

Henderson Lake Park

Henderson Lake Park is one of Lethbridge’s premier parks and features a 24-hectare man-made lake which is perfect for kayaking, canoeing and sport fishing.  Henderson Lake is also home to some of the city’s annual community celebrations including Lethbridge’s Canada Day Festivities and the Rotary Dragon Boat Festival.

If you are a nature enthusiast Henderson Lake offers a 2.5 km trail around the lake and a longer 4.3 km loop around the perimeter of the park with various stops to view the local wildlife and many historical markers.

Henderson Lake is a great place for families and children, as the park contains three distinct playgrounds and many great locations to enjoy a leisurely picnic.  There are numerous open spaces in and around the lake that make it a perfect place to lay down a blanket or enjoy a game of Frisbee.

Henderson Lake is surrounded by a multitude of facilities.  These include the SLP Skate Park, Henderson Lake Horseshoe Pits, Henderson Park Ice Centre, the Henderson Outdoor Pool, and the Henderson Lake Golf Course.

Henderson Lake Golf Course

The Henderson Lake Golf Course just celebrated its 100-year anniversary and has been serving Lethbridge since 1917.  The Henderson Lake Golf Course is only 5 minutes away from the city and is my preferred course.  Henderson Lake is an affordable course for all golfing levels, which offers 9, 12, and 18 holes.

In addition to a challenging 18-hole course complete with tree-lined fairways and small greens, the Henderson Lake Golf Course is a wonderful place to enjoy a brunch, lunch or dinner while enjoying a stunning view of Henderson Lake.  Drop by today and see why the Henderson Lake Golf Course is not only my favourite local course, but a fixture in the Lethbridge community. 

Nicholas Sheran Park

Nicholas Sheran Park is the most popular park in West Lethbridge.  It features a man-made lake, a network of trails around the lake, wide open green spaces and a sheltered picnic area.  The lake is stocked for sport fishing and is home to a wide variety of waterfowl and other wildlife.

The 7 kilometres of paved trails are heavily used by a wide range people, including families, joggers and cyclists.  Nicholas Sheeran Park is also home to the only disc golf course in Lethbridge.  It is a full 18-hole course built on over 100 acres, and is a great way to spend a day.

Coal Banks Trail

The Coal Banks Trail network is a 2.4-metre-wide regional pathway that links many of the parks and green spaces in Lethbridge.  The trail network provides over 30 km of uninterrupted trails that run from the west side of the city through the river valley and Henderson Lake and ending in Pavan Park.  The Coal Banks Trail network is a multi-use trail and can be used by:

  • Walkers and runners.
  • In-line skaters.
  • Cyclists.
  • Strollers.
  • Wheelchair friendly and accessible.

Contact Clark Paul Directly for Knowledgeable and Professional Assistance

These are just some of the many parks that can be found within Lethbridge. The city is home to over 70 different parks and offers residents 140 km of trails.  The abundant parks add to the overall ambiance of Lethbridge and make it a great place to settle down.

If you would like to see some of the affordable real estate options available in West Lethbridge, please contact me today.  I have called the city home for over 45 years and would love to show you all that Lethbridge has to offer.  I look forward to working with you soon.   Call my Direct Line or text me at 403-308-6613.  I’m Clark Paul.

Local Events In Lethbridge

Lethbridge is one of the most affordable cities in all of Western Canada.  This hidden gem is the perfect blend of small town charm and big city living.  The wide range of events that take place throughout the year add to the allure of Lethbridge.  Here is a brief list of some of the city’s biggest events.

Canada Day

The biggest celebration in the city is Canada Day.  This special day is celebrated annually with festivities at Henderson Lake Park, Galt Gardens and a number of locations throughout the city. 

Henderson Lake Park features an all-day venue of Canada Day fun, including live music from local and provincial musicians, a youth stage and a kid’s zone.  Other highlights are community-based activities such as Active Living Lethbridge and the grand firework finale to cap off an exciting Canada Day.  This family-oriented day is a Lethbridge favourite you do not want to miss.

Galt Gardens celebrates Canada Day by offering a pancake breakfast as well as a “Show and Shine”.  The Show and Shine is a showcase of many of Lethbridge’s vintage cars and is a family-friendly event.  Show your Canada Day spirit and come out and enjoy all that Galt Gardens has to offer. 

Family Day Unplugged

Unfortunately, by graduation, the average Canadian teenager will have spent more time watching screens than being in the classroom, playing sports and talking to their parents (  Family Day Unplugged wants to change that by offering families a chance to disconnect from their screens and reconnect with family and community.

The city of Lethbridge offers various events that are free to families on Family Day (one Monday in February).  These free events include Play Day which is hosted at the University of Lethbridge.  All the facilities at the University, including the pool and fitness centre, are free to families on Play Day.

Family History Day offers free admission for families to the Galt Museum.  Connect with Lethbridge’s rich history and enjoy a great afternoon of games, activities and crafts at the Galt Museum.  Free archive tours are provided as well as historic costumes and photo booths.  This is an event that is fun for the whole family, so make sure to be a part of Lethbridge’s Family Day Unplugged.

Heart of Our City

This organization is committed to enhancing the vibrancy of downtown Lethbridge.  Its aim is to provide funds to assist various Lethbridge organizations so they can host community events and create an exciting downtown atmosphere.  Some of the highlights slated for this year include:

  • Adventure in Nature
  • Jazz at the Park
  • Shakespeare in the Park
  • Lethbridge Arts Days

There are a wide range of community “Heart of Our City” events planned throughout the year, so make sure to clear space on your calendar for your favourites. 

Winter Lights Festival

The four acre Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden is illuminated with over 96,000 LED lights.  The Winter Festival is one of Lethbridge’s newest seasonal attractions and runs from December until February.  You’ll love this dazzling light display and to make it a regular part of your winter tradition.  

Lethbridge Farmer’s Market

The Lethbridge Farmer’s Market is a seasonal market that showcases the finest local produce as well as local artisan products.  The market begins in May and runs until the end of October.  The Farmer’s Market is home to over 50 different exhibitors and is located at the West Pavilion on Saturdays.  Over 3,000 people attend the market each week, so make sure to come down and try some of southern Alberta’s finest and freshest local food. 

Fall into Christmas

Fall into Christmas is Lethbridge’s finest holiday shopping all under one roof.  This event brings over 100 of Canada’s most talented artists, craftsmen, artisans and designers together to make your holiday shopping list so much easier.  This fun filled event is now in its 13th year.  It’s a great way to meet and talk to our fascinating local artisans.  Regardless of whether you are looking for jewelry, visual art, fabulous fashion or gourmet treats, the Fall into Christmas craft show has something for everyone.

These are just some of the great community minded events hosted in the city of Lethbridge.  The strong and active business-oriented downtown core provides a wide range of excellent shopping and cultural experiences.  The wide range of events offered throughout the year help bring the city together and makes Lethbridge the perfect place to call home.

I have lived in Lethbridge for 45 years and enjoy many of the great aspects of the city.  I have been involved in real estate for over 5 years and have been recognized as a top 10 real estate agent by REMAX.  This just means I’ve been very successful at helping many wonderful families find the perfect home for them in our wonderful city. 

I would love to show you some of the exciting, affordable properties that Lethbridge has to offer, and help you discover why Lethbridge is a special place.  Shouldn’t you know all the best things about living in Lethbridge before you come?  I look forward to working with you soon.  

Community Centres In Lethbridge

The city of Lethbridge is the perfect blend of urban and rural, offering all the amenities of a modern city yet small enough to maintain that small-town charm.  One reason that Lethbridge is such a wonderful place to call home is the great community and recreational centres that can be found throughout the city.  Here is a brief list of some of these centres.

Westminster Community Centre

The Westminster Community Centre hosts a wide variety of business, educational and social events.  It is also home to many of the city’s recreational and leisure programs. Make sure to look at the monthly leisure activity calendar offered by the City of Lethbridge to see what and when the programs are available.

The community centre’s hall has a state of the art ceiling projector with a Public Address system and microphone as well as Wi-Fi capabilities.  It’s perfect for hosting weddings, seminars and presentations as well as banquets and parties. The hall also has a modern kitchen with a large gas barbecue.

The Westminster Outdoor Pool has been a fixture in the Lethbridge community since 1948.  It offers a variety of activities such as swimming lessons and public swims.  As well, there is a large grassy area that is perfect for a family picnic.  It’s open from late June until September, so make sure to enjoy a swim in this community pool this summer.  

Nicholas Sheran Leisure Centre

The Nicholas Sheran Leisure Centre is comprised of a public pool, an ice centre as well as the Gyro Pray Park for kids of all ages.  The Leisure Centre is located on the West side of Lethbridge with an emphasis on healthy family living through leisure.   

The Nicholas Sheran Public Pool is open year-round and offers swimming lessons and public swims.  Make sure to check their monthly schedule for pool events.  Other amenities include:

  • Toddler pool.
  • Hot tub and sauna.
  • Fitness area.
  • Pool chair lift.
  • Family change rooms.

The Nicholas Sheran Ice Centre is the home of the University of Lethbridge men’s and women’s hockey teams.  It offers public skating as well as skating lessons and minor hockey.  Make sure to check the monthly schedule for times and events. 

The Gyro Spray Park is open from May until September or weather permitting. It is a free service and over 10 00 kids enjoy the spray park each year.  The Gyro Spray Park is a fantastic way to cool off on hot summer days.  

Lethbridge Public Library

The main branch of the Lethbridge Public Library has been a fixture in the community since the early 1900’s.  It offers a wide range of public events, so make sure to check out their monthly calendar on the bottom of the homepage of their website.  The library also offers adult literacy services and has a wide selection of books and digital content.  In addition to the main branch, the Lethbridge Public library has a second location, The Crossing Branch, to meet your needs. Make sure to stop in and see what the Lethbridge Public Library has for you. 

ATB Centre

The ATB Centre, located in the Crossing neighbourhood of West Lethbridge is home to a 10-sheet curling facility and 2 NHL sized ice rinks.  Phase 2 of the centre is under construction and will eventually become the Cor Van Ray YMCA.  Phase 2 has an expected completion date of spring 2019.  It will host an indoor aquatics centre, an indoor track facility as well as numerous gymnasiums.  

Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization

The LSCO offers a wide range of activities and programs for Lethbridge seniors.  These include health oriented programs, art classes, technology courses and various special interest classes.  The LSCO also has a fitness centre with drop-in rates as well as various yoga and other strengthening classes. 

Call Me For Help

The abundant community and recreation centres in Lethbridge add to the allure of this city.  Lethbridge is not only a wonderful place for families, the sunny, mild weather and senior services make the city a fantastic place to retire.  If you have been looking for that perfect mid-range city, I would love to show you some of the affordable real estate and the beautiful neighbourhoods of Lethbridge.  I look forward to seeing you soon.  Call my Direct Line or text me at 403-308-6613.  I’m Clark Paul. 

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